I met Renata 2 years ago at a seminar on Success and we have stayed in touch as accountability partners.  I highly recommend Renata, not only as a bookkeeper, but as an ambitious, energetic, and trustworthy entrepreneur.  I have been inspired by her growth as a business woman since getting to know her, and have no doubt that any service she provides to her clients will be of the highest quality.
Horace Young
Renata is very professional and good at what she does. She's personable, passionate, and productive. We were very happy working with her.
Josseline Vielma

Some professionals are content in satisfying their obligations; however, there are a few who go above and beyond it. Renata - is a pleasure to talk about a professional who is knowledgeable, dedicated and organized as you are. Since we started working with you, you have surpassed our expectations. We wish you great success because you are a professional of principles and good ethics.

Meire and Claudio Rubim

Renata is a person devoted to her work. She works fast and always clarifies all my doubts. She really knows what she does!

Alejandro Quiroz

I am very glad to meet someone who will not only assist me to prepare my income tax return, but also help me to understand the whole process of claims, the do's and don’ts of self-employed taxation, etc. Renata is a very competent and reliable person who I would recommend for anyone.

Andrea Reis
Renata Magalhaes has prepared my income taxes since 2012. She is attentive, polite and always tries her best to explain the reason for certain calculations that is complex for my understanding. Sincerely, I am satisfied with the work she has provided so far and will always recommend it.
Nestor Soares
I've been using Renata's Accounting services for many years now and have been extremely happy with the way she has handled my taxes. She does not miss anything, always meets deadlines, tells me what to expect and requires minimum supervision. I definitely recommend Renata's Accounting services.
Daniela Araújo
A word to describe Renata’s professionalism is efficiency. Besides that she knows the subject well enough. I believe Renata chose the perfect profession since she is passionate about what she does.
Andre de Sousa

I have been dealing with Renata Magalhes for the past three years, and I have always been completely satisfied. She does an excellent job and she always has good advice to offer, no matter a situation.

Roseli Melo
Renata work quality is generally effective, she's approachable and I can refer her to my friends and family with great confident.
Vanessa da Silva