8 Tax Secrets To Save Money

Tax season is mid-way and I thought about sharing some great tips that are important to know. I keep touching on the same areas that I know are not taken care properly. Everyone is more interested in tax deductions and what can they claim. Most forget or are not aware of the other crucial factor that is compliance. If your books are not compliant, your claims will be disallowed. I am going to share with you how to keep compliant and organized books to prevent potential problems with CRA. Here are some steps you can follow right away and have peace of mind.


How Entrepreneurs Can Save Tax Money by Following Two Simple Steps

I hear every now and then from business owners, who were told by someone else, they just need to keep the bank statements and credit card statements as form of documentation to prove the expenses claimed.

I am not sure who is providing this advice which is a bad one. If you do not have proof of purchase and proof of payment, what you claimed as expense will be added to your bottom line if you are audited.