The three keys for success that came to my mind are motivation, a passion for learning, and surrounding yourself with the best.

Passion– Do you love what you do? If so, congratulations! You no longer have a job. Anyone will see the passion when you talk about what you do. They will see it on your actions. You will be excited about getting up and taking on new challenges. Every day is a new day and no one needs to motivate you. It is rewarding to see the results; especially if you were able to provide great solutions to your customers.

Education -It is really important to keep learning about your industry and its new trends and also invest in other areas that you may not like. Knowing a little bit of Accounting, Law, Marketing, etc will help you better understand how your business works. I know that we have qualified professionals to help us deal with the issues that arise. However, it is important to have some idea of different topics and not feel like a fish out of the water. Challenge yourself! Learning is a great asset. If you stop learning, you stop growing.

Networking– Be surrounded by the best. It is a must if you want to succeed. You need to step out of your comfort zone and approach those who are what you want to be and where you want to go. Have a mentor and follow his or her footsteps. They have been there; hurt themselves, learned from his or her mistakes and growing pains. I have done things that I had never thought of or would not do if it was not for the mentors that I have had guiding me. It is amazing what results you can get if you follow through on what you have been advised to do.
Be passionate about what you do, invest on your education and network with the best. Make your choices wisely and have a happy successful journey.

“Reduce risks, pay on time, be efficient and save money and time” Renata Magalhaes

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